quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

OS 55 HZ - Video Teste

Abaixo ele dá uma dica de como obter 10 graus no aileron/elevador. Clicando no titulo vc vai para o forum com a discussão.
I can get about 14 collective, 10 cyclic on the 600 in stock form with a little bit of binding at extremes. What I did was I came up with longer balls for the swash, these are the ones that connect to the long ball link rods that connect to the mixing arms, this increased my collective/cyclic a bit more. I do not recommend this as you could potentially do some bad harm to the helicopter in flight if you are not extremely careful with your inputs

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BUFÃO disse...

É isso ae mesmo, precisamu além di motô mais forti, passo de uns 14 graus, pra nossas manobras radicais e vous pesadu.
Nois samu us cara.