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Carregador Tá, Tá, na Hobby King

Dá para carregar até 4 baterias independentes, não importando a capacidade e modelo.

Hobby King Quattro 4x6 can charge four batteries packs simultaneously no matter what battery type you have.
The Quattro 4x6 is equipped with 4 high performance microprocessors to charge each battery individually. Its efficient cooling system ensures safe operation throughout the charge or discharge process.
With the Quattro4x6 youre able to balance charge a lipoly pack on Port-1 while series charging a LiFePo4 or NiMH battery on Port-2. All ports work independently of each other.
Operating voltage range: DC 11~15V
Power source: 12V DC (car battery) / AC mains PSU (>200Watts)
Charge power: 50watts, current is regulated accordingly
e.g. 11.1V battery, charge current approx. 4.5A
e.g. 22.2V battery, charge current approx. 2.2A
Discharge power: 5 Watts, current is regulated accordingly
Cell count : 1-15 Ni-xx / 1-6 Li-xx / 1-10 Lead acid cells (2~20V)
Current drain for balancing li-xx: 300mA
Charge termination Ni-xx: Automatic, negative Delta Peak method
Charge termination Lead acid & Li-xx: Automatic, voltage dependent, CC-CV process
Dimensions: 225.4x158.6x62.4mm
Net weight: 1.09kg

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