domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

Será que esse é melhor que o FUTABA???????

The brand new redesigned 3GX represents a new generation of multi function flybarless system. The dramatically improved performance will create an immediate impact on any enthusiast.

The 3GX is currently the smallest and lightest flybarless system on the market. Two ports to directly connect Spektrum and JR satellite receivers, along with full support of Futaba’s S-BUS system.

-Suitable for helicopters of all classes from 200 to 700, glow engine or electric powered.

-3GX utilizes a 16-bit processor that is 4-times faster than the previous generation, along with a completely re-written firmware.

-With built in pirouette compensation function, the 3GX is able to stabilize the helicopter on a fixed point during pirouetting maneuvers. Pirouetting flips type of maneuvers are easily accomplished with precision.

-Additional peripherals planned for the 3GX includes a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetic compass, and GPS positioning system. While the commonly available position hold gyro system utilizes only 6 sensors, 3GX’s total of 10 sensors ensure positioning of the helicopter with superior accuracy, providing the ultimate solution for aerial photography or other special purposes.

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Felipe Malzoni disse...

Ontem eu vi um cara patrocinado pela Aling testando o 3GX. É melhor que o 3G mas definitivamente não é melhor que o Futaba.

Sem duvida hoje os melhores sistemas de flybarless são o Vbar e o Futaba.