quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

Novo brinquedo da Align:

Align Helicopter APS system features:

- 1.Semi-autonomous take off / Landing (Activate system, semi-autonomous takeoff into position and altitude hold, hovers in attitude hold with strong holding ability to prevent drifting, suitable for hover and flight training)
- 2.Failsafe (Activate system, automatic return home during loss of signal situation)
- 3.Auto flight (Activate system, transmitter can execute multiple waypoint settings, enabling point to point automatic flights.)
- 4.Emergency bailout stabilization (loss of orientation, activate system, aircraft flips right side up, goes into position and altitude hold hover, and wait for further command).
- 5.Autonomous return home (Completion of mission, activate return home command)
- 6.Simple logical setting through transmitter (APS system does not require complex PC setups)
- 7.Supports software upgrades

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Simplesmente do cacete!!!! E o filme também....

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