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A Miniature Aircraft foi vendida para o grupo que controla a Heliproz.com

Press Release – June 24, 2009
Miniature Aircraft USA, Inc.

To the Model Helicopter community:

Hi, this is Tim Schoonard. I have personally been involved in many aspects in the world of model helicopters for over 30 years. During that time I have witnessed, many changes!

To avoid any confusion and/or conclusion's that may arise, I would like to personally announce the following exciting information:

The Schoonard family, owners of Miniature Aircraft USA, is pleased to announce that Miniature Aircraft USA has joined the family of companies under the Flyco banner. This move brings Miniature Aircraft USA into the dynamic RC helicopter team with Heliproz (Kurt Kreiger and Jennifer Hawkinson); Ron's Heliproz South (Ron Lund); Big Sky CNC (Chris Lund); Heliwholesaler (Jeff Green); and Rockie Mountain Hobbiez (Reece Nesmith). The addition of Miniature Aircraft USA into the Flyco family of companies is a major strategic move in raising the hobby to new levels of performance and excellence.

Tim Schoonard, Lead Designer and Head of R&D, said "I'm excited with the direction of the company and the opportunities that are now available to us for innovation, growth and customer responsiveness with the infusion of Flyco resources."

Florence Schoonard, the family matriarch and owner of Miniature Aircraft USA, said "I'm really pleased that this venture has taken place so that I know Walter's work will live on." Of course, as any serious hobbiest knows, the late Walter Schoonard was the founder of Miniature Aircraft USA and a pioneer in the design and builder of top of the line RC helicopters, setting a new standard, starting with the ST X-Cell .60 S.T.

Chris Nelson, owner of Flyco, stated "I intend to continue to support the successes of Minature Aircraft USA's past product lines and support team, including support for a pilot network." Nelson further added that Miniature Aircraft USA is the pinnacle of RC helicopter companies, and we are thrilled to be able to work and collaborate with the best in the business."

Under Flyco, the resources necessary for new product launches will be available, and there will be an emphasis on timely delivery to the market with no compromises in the highest levels of quality and performance for which the Miniature Aircraft USA product lines are well known.

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