quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

O.S Gasolina GT 55 - 55cc

Para o Marcelo e o Xan babarem....

The first gas engine for Japan O.S company. The code type is "GT55"

The design is base on nitro engine, the position of carburetor similar with nitro line engine
List price: 65,100 (w/o tax: 62000)
Cylinder dim.: 41.2mm
Piston stroke: 41.2mm
RPM: 1500~8000 rpm

The carburetor set on front of engine can prevent leakage, and easy to adjust.

CDI plug with waterproof cover. The keep the high work voltage and low current are their features.

The CDI sensor using magnetism sensor. Special design IC with high sensitivity. It can keep stable rpm in low speed.

CNC cylinder liner with high precision. Special aluminum has low coefficient of expansion and very light weight
The large radiator can offer great heat dissipation for high power output.

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