domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

Acidente - 30/40 ptos

Acidente ocorrido durante o JR Indoor Fun Fly.
o heli era um 450.

""""""""""""Thanks for all the kind words guys! I am doing fine, cut my lip pretty good, and got a good smack on my hand with a little scratch on it.

Just to clear things up, I was working on my MX2 when it happened. I didn't try to catch the heli. Was looking down until everyone said look out, and I looked up, had about enough time to drop my MX2 and put my hand in front of my face. Heli was still spooled up when it hit me. Sounded like the motor was still running, but I know for sure the blades were spinning and spinning FAST. But not a huge deal, I am fine, really really happy it didn't hit my eyes (I think my hand was over them so it took the brunt of the impact. MX2 disentigrated from the heli. Think the biggest piece left was about the size of your palm! LOL. Not a big deal.

To the pilot and owner; no need to worry about anything, just a freak accident, and it could have hit anyone. Just happy it didn't harm anyone permantly. I would much rather have a cut lip than someone be permanently injured!

Thanks for all the kind words again guys. Now back to the pics!


O seth é o campeão do ETOC 2009, se vc assitir o video vai repar que o limite entre o que é um heli ou um avião está sumindo.

3 comentários:

Artur disse...

Essa eu não entendí?? Como pode fazer o avião andar de re´ na vertical ?

Ricardo F... disse...

igual ao heli, invertendo o passo do hélice !!!

BUFÃO disse...

sempre digo...isso não é brinquedo!