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Para quem gosta de FPV:


An on-screen display (OSD) is a very important part of an FPV'ers equipment.
Similar to the HUD in a fighter-plane, the OSD overlays various pieces of critical information onto the video image, which will be viewed by the FPV pilot. Important questions, such as "Which way is home?", "What is the state of my battery?" are answered at a glance.
Equally important information, such as "how far away am I", "how high am I", can help comply with local FPV rules & regulations.
Furthermore, CYCLOPS OSD also has autopilot function (OPTION). When you losing your plane. The CYCLOPS OSD incorporates a fly-home auto-pilot function that can be automatically or manually triggered. This will cause the OSD computer to fly your plane back to you while, optionally, maintaining a preprogrammed altitude.


  • Two display mode: HUD mode / digit mode, or you can turn off OSD by radio. You can switch the display mode via radio.
  • Auto-pilot function available (optional).
  • One additional independent power input, provide non-12V voltage for camera or video TX. The power status can be monitored.
  • Warnings for low battery capacity, altitude lower than 50m and GPS signal weak.
  • Intuitive menu system, with onboard menu buttons. No R/C receiver or remote control required to configure.
  • Show a summary of the flight: Max. altitude, max. speed, max. distance, max. current.
  • All OSD general function you need: Speed, Distance to base, hone direction, OSD & Video battery voltage, Power current Consumption, Battery Usage, Altitude, Flight-time.....

Package included:

  • CYCLOPS OSD main board
  • 5Hz GPS module
  • Voltage and current sensor
  • temperature sensor
  • setting board


  • OSD Main board: 80mm x 45mm, 23.4g (without heat shrink)
  • GPS Module: 5HZ, 35mm x 15mm, 9.5g (with heat shrink, wire and connecter)
  • Voltage and current sensor: 32mm x 32mm, 12.9g (with wire and connecter)
  • Setting board: 55mm x 10mm, 6g (with wire and connecter)
  • Temperature sensor: 170mm, 2.4g
  • Receiver link: 330mm, 4g
  • PAL video system compatible only.

Other informations:

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