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Interferência no RC Spektrum 2.4GHz da JR. Parte 2!!!

No post anterior, se foi interferência eu não sei, mas leiam um trecho de um artigo escrito por um engenheiro eletrônico bem experiente. A parte que interessa para nossa contínua briga está em vermelho.
Quem tiver interesse em ler o artigo detalhado ou outras coisas interessantes, o site deste vovô é bem legal:


Summary by brand

So which is best?
As I said before, there's no absolute "best" 2.4GHz system because everyone's priorities are different.
If you want a system that offers a wide-range of different receiver sizes and capabilities with maximum diversity on very large models then the JR/Spektrum offering has much to offer.
However, if you're looking for a "technically superior" system, it's hard to go past Futaba's FASST. Unfortunately, at this time there are not a lot of receiver options and Futaba has been very slow on delivery of some options.
If you're prepared to be an early-adopter then the new wave of low-cost offerings out of China may be worth a try. Check their specifications carefully though, and also keep an eye on the various discussion forums around the web. As first generation products they may have some as-yet undiscovered problems or limitations.
About the only system presently on the market that I would be hesitant to recommend is XPS.
As I said earlier, many people have had no problems with this system and it has worked perfectly for them. However, from a technical perspective, too many of the system's wild claims are unable to be substantiated by the manufacturer and the growing number of dissatisfied customers must be a concern worthy of consideration.

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