quarta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2010

Relação das manobras

Segue a relação das manobras do 3DX/3DMaster

Manobras que o Luis Gustavo competiu

16- Death Spiral The Death Spiral consists of a minimum 50m vertical drop with Elevator Rolls while descending on knife-edge. The vertical path should be on the judges centre-line and recovery shall be as low as the pilot is comfortable with and inverted.
22- Backwards Rolling 8 A horizontal figure 8 performed with backward aileron rolls. The lobes of the 8 will be centred on the judges view line and each lobe shall be a clearly defined full circle. The manoeuvre will exhibit accurate positioning and height control with a consistent rate of rolling.

30-Serpent A Pirouetting Snake flown as a series of arcs along the flightline with a 180 degree turn-around followed by the same number of arcs in the reverse direction down the flightline. At least 4 arcs in each direction, all arcs to be the same size, height and speed and the pirouette rate to remain constant. Each arc must be clearly presented as a distinct quarter-circuit or more with the disc close to the vertical.

32- Wheel of Fortune Metronoming Vertical Circle. The helicopter will begin the manoeuvre from a stationary elevator metronome at sufficient height to complete a downwards vertical circle, with the nose pointing vertically down and the full rotor disk presented to the pilot and judges. The helicopter shall then prescribe a complete vertical clockwise metronoming circle with the helicopter nose always pointing towards the centre of the circle.

38- Death Spinner A vertical descent with the rotor disk vertical and rotating on a vertical axis with the helicopter pirouetting also. Judges are looking for a perfect vertical descent through at least 2 rotations on the vertical axis and 2 pirouettes with a recovery as low as the pilot is comfortable with.

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