quarta-feira, 15 de maio de 2013

Mini FU-BAR V5.3.4 3-Axis Flybarless Helicopter Control System HOBBY KING

Looking for all of the performance and features found on big name flybarless controllers at a fraction of the cost? Look no further, the Mini FU-BAR has arrived!

Precision holding power, pirouette optimization, support for just about any swashplate type, and the ability to use DSM2 satellite receivers (eliminating the need for a main receiver), the Mini FU-BAR has it all! The only thing it doesn't have is the huge price-tag found on similar name brand models.

The Mini FU-BAR doesn't come in a fancy box or even include a user manual, but it's easy enough to find the info you need to setup and use. The PC software is widely available online and easy to use. A USB cable is included as well as gyro mounting pads and receiver connection leads.

Some will love it and some will hate it, but one thing is for sure...the Mini FU-BAR will provide the same performance that you find on FBL systems costing more than 4 times the price!

Save your hard earned money and build more helis with the Mini FU-BAR!

• Extremely lightweight - only 9.6g!
• Excellent performance
• Fully PC programmable
• Satellite receiver support

*Note: The Mini FU-BAR is designed for use with digital servos only.

Sensor: 3-axis MEMS Gyro
Dimensions: 37x25.5x14mm
Weight: 9.6g

USB cable
Gyro mounting pad
Receiver connection leads

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