quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2013

Novo JR 14 Canais

Every pilot is focus on JR PROPO XG14 since February 2013, which has 14 channels, by 2.4GHz DMSS transmit way, and X.BUS system. It’s really hard to ignore XG14.
In fact, JR PROPO defines XG14 as a middle level transmitter in -14series. The list price of XG14 is NT18000. It will be available in July 2013.
The XG14’s main outer case is same as XG8, but main panel is different from XG8. It seems like JR PRO is making product-diversity. The penal frame is white, and put on a X.BUS mark. By the way, a whole new receiver with X.BUS function – RG731BX- is on debut.
X.BUS’s basic working principle is just like S.BUS: control multiple channels by single wiring, which simplifies wiring complexity and control several servos simultaneously. Especially X.BUS is able to control 4 servos in individual channel. Thus it will be capable to control up to 56 servos under 14-channel radios.
The stick chassis of XG14 is aluminum alloy CNC processed, which is better than XG8. There are bearing supporting at each pivot, so the sticks could be pushed smoothly.

 The main plate is titanium plating processed.
 “XG14” mark of black and red.

 Left side and right side switches.

 The stick chassis of XG14 is aluminum alloy CNC processed, and there are bearing supporting at each pivot.
 Notice the X.BUS mark on the right side?
 The starting menu is same as XG8.

 The back side and sticks of both sides are same as XG8.
 The hand grip is same as XG12.
 “XG14” mark on back side.

 XG14 is equipped with 6.4V 1400mA battery.
 RG731BX, the whole new receiver with X.BUS function.
 XG14 transmitter with battery weighs 810g.

 The aluminum-alloy stick chassis from XG14 inside.

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