terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2009

Cuidado: Futaba falsificado.

Futaba Japan released a notification last week that it's come to their attention there are counterfeit Futaba products on the market. Particularly the Futaba GY401 Gyro and Futaba S9254 tail servo are noted in the release. These products will obviously not have the same performance as genuine Futaba products.

The key thing to look for is the color of the pins in the servo connector. All Futaba products have gold pins in the connectors. The counterfeit products have silver pins. Another tell tell sign is the length of the grommet on the servo lead exiting the servo case. If the grommet is shorter then normal, it's a sign of a counterfeit.

These counterfeit products are typically sold out of Hong Kong and other parts of China, and are prolific on eBay. I highly suggest you purchase from authorized dealers and resellers. If the price is too good to be true, it usually is for a reason!

Here is a translation from Google Translate.


Model system for the gyro, servo counterfeit note
From around Thank you for your patronage of our products. Well, this time, the servo and gyro equipment for our helicopters, "imitation", and the Taiwan area Stock information is available in the area, but in our investigation get the goods on hand, the exterior package Cage, the gyro unit itself, with the servo, "imitation" has confirmed that.
Gyro system for helicopters in general, the model helicopter, hovering at well over Direction to hold the nose, is an important item to support a variety of performances. Failure occurs if the servo and gyro system, and will not be able to provide sufficient functionality, imitation Will affect the attitude control of the helicopter type. In addition, impaired function of the servo and gyro unit If you will be extremely difficult to fly a model helicopter in the worst case, it crashed There is a risk. We have these "imitations" of the problems caused by the servo and gyro device was used, Model helicopter damage caused to them, and found other accident, the responsible Kaneo So, "imitation" DO NOT use the thank you.
Thank you again for the encouraging note. Currently, we have to examine the facts, "imitation" for manufacturers, including legal action We are prepared to take. The "imitation" of the outflow is estimated to be 2009 or later. In the future, thank you for your patronage of our products.

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Ricardo Segnini disse...


Felipe Malzoni disse...

O pior é que o falsificado pode ser tão bom quanto o verdadeiro.

Ricardo F... disse...

A frase correta é:
"O falfisicado é tão ruim qto o verdadeiro."

Imagine qtos proprietários de Rádios Futaba pensado:
"meu rádio tb deve ser falsificado,
só dá interferência..."

Ricardo F... disse...


Eduardo disse...

Por que será que não tem nada da junior falsificado ?

Affonso disse...

Junior falsificado? Porque é tão ruim que ninguém compra. Nem os falsificados.

Ricardo F... disse...

O meu JR é "oliginal".
Como eles vão falsicar, se não sabem pronunciar o R ?????

Tohmé disse...

Gostaria de comprar um desse. Alguém sabe onde tem???

Eduardo disse...

Tohmé, vc só vai achar em loja "meia boca" tipo revendedor junior